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Pucho Life Sciences Inc. is a novel drug discovery platform which anchorage Artificial Intelligence for finding new medicaments. Our inventiveness lies to platter the living beings with affordable therapeutics. We are a bunch of curious minds who aims to service each living being by innovative Artificial Intelligence based solutions.We are starting our mission by contributing to the COVID-19 research and addressing other Healthcare Problems with best and affordable solution. Hailing from multi-disciplinary professional background, our driving force behind this initiative has lead us to speed up the process of vaccine generation by discovering novel drug using Machine Learning and our Bio-Medicinal expertise to potentially inhibit the growth of virus attack, thereby advancing Vaccine Research.

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Scientists use AI to find drug to fight Covid

As the world races to find a cure for Covid-19, a Mumbai-based data scientist along with his team have with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) found three molecular compounds, which they claim can be synthesised and tested further to find a novel drug to fight the Covid-19 pandemic .

Pucho Technology Developed Compounds That Can Help Fight COVID-19

The company generated 200 molecules out of which ten has the potential to be effective in the fight against the COVID-19.

AI firm Pucho ‘designs’ molecules that can fight Covid-19

A Bengaluru-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm has come up with “designs” of several chemical molecules that may help stop SARS-CoV2 virus, which causes Covid-19 infection from multiplying in an infected person.